COPA Retro Brown Leather Football 1950's

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COPA Retro Leather Football 1950's

While most manufacturers spend millions of dollars to design and manufacture the perfect football with laser cut pieces, multi method stitching, micro studs for perfect air resistance and a long list of other modern technology, COPA has done its best to recreate the imperfect balls used in the 1950's up to the late 60's.

This is a football made of 18 pieces of natural leather, cut and sewed with old school machinery and joined by skilled leather craftsmen in Europe. Utmost attention to detail and high quality allows for it to be used in real games as well as being displayed in a football collection.

This ball makes a perfect gift for a football lover, as a collectible or simply as a training and skills ball.

About: COPA is a well established brand for football addicts offering the best of football fashion. This dutch companies collection has become the must-have of European sports fashion. The ‘Made in Europe’ craftsmanship provides the best possible product quality as well as assuring that the manufacturing is run sustainable while taking care of the manufacturing employees.

Size: 5 (Full size adults)

Material: Natural leather

SKU: 8001

Mick Simmons Sport (micksimmonssport) is the official distributor of COPA in Australia

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