Electronic 3 Tone Whistle Fox 40 Red and Black

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Fox 40 Electronic 3 Tone Whistle with Adjustable Wrist Lanyard,

Item Details

  • Fox 40 Electronic Whistle
  • Color: red with black trim
  • Sound Power: 125 dB
  • Design: 9-volt battery; 3 tone functions
  • 4-Switch, 3 tone functions - off, tone 1, tone 2, and tone 3

product Description

The Fox 40 Electronic Whistle is a hygienic solution for multiple-user situations. Instead of mouth-operated, this whistle is hand operated by pushing a button. The Electronic Whistle comes with an adjustable wrist lanyard and a 9-volt battery. Loud, clear, and consistent sound throughout three tones. Made in China  Caution: do not aim whistle sound directly in a person's ear.

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