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  • Socceroos Original Footysuit-Mick Simmons Sport
  • Socceroos Original Footysuit-Mick Simmons Sport

The Original Footysuit

Socceroos Original Footysuit




Infant and baby jumpsuit for little Socceroos and Matildas fans

Socceroos Original Footysuit is a 100% cotton, all-in-one, baby jumpsuit that is designed to replicate the complete outfit of your favorite hero. 

Featuring a mid-range skin-toned fabric on the leg, to give the appearance of socks and shorts, printed logos, front or crotch openings, using YKK press studs, top or side opening where appropriate.  

This item is guaranteed to create plenty of laughs and smiles. As the guys at The Original Footysuit suggest, "you are never too small to dream!" 

Please note: Size 000 to Size 1 Footysuits have enclosed feet (designed like a footy boot). Size 2 and 3 Footysuits are cuffed at the ankles and aren't enclosed. 

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