Huge crowds of people gather outside the Mick Simmons store on George Street during a demolition sale,1930
Mick Simmons Sport Australia's march nationhood 150th Anniversary Celebration
Mick Simmons Sports Catalogue 1914
An old time advertising from the 40’s
Michael Simmons was born 1851 in London, the son of Samuel and Matilda. He arrived in Sydney as a child with his family. By 1885, he was an established cigar maker and tobacconist at 728 George Street and also at 423-27 Sussex Street. By 1895 his well-known shop on the corner of George and Campbell Streets had become one of the largest tobacco and fancy goods businesses in the city. He was a major shareholder and managing director of the New York and Brooklyn Tobacco Factory, located on Cleveland Street near his Redfern residence. The business expanded to include cricket, hunting and fishing equipment in the late 1800's. In 1889 Richard Mendoza Simmons was appointed Director of the business. Michael Simmons died in 1894 survived by his widow and six children.
The company went public in the share market in 1900 and 2 years later opens its flagship store at 720 George Street. This store was known as the worlds largest and best sports shop, not only offering featuring domestic sports but also importing from the UK and USA. In 1905 the flagship store expanded by adding two new levels. The store now featured smoking lounges, a full size tennis court, hairdressing parlour and a shooting range. Various sports equipment and apparel were added to the range of products offered starting with Rugby Union, Tennis and Golf in the 1910's.
In 1912 the Mick Simmons Sports catalog is first published which is the first of many historic publications to come.
Mick Simmons became well known for having professional Australian athletes as staff which saw people lining up in some instances to be served by their hero! with the Rise of Rugby League and AFL in the 1920's the store naturally became a destination for fans of almost every popular sport in Australia. Don Bradman was an official specialist of the store, releasing a special edition cricket bat with Mick Simmons. In 1925 the old building was demolished and replaced with a new structure.
During the 60's the business was privatized and sold to tobacco businessman Arthur Nelson, he separated the Tobacco business and Sporting goods. During the 70's and 80's Mick Simmons grew to include many branches all over NSW and ACT while maintaining the famous George Street location. TV advertising was launched in 1973 and a new flagship store was purchased at 478 George Street in 1981.
The Sydney 2000 Olympics introduced this historic store to the world and also saw the launch of the online sales and international supply system. The business was purchased by Mr Nelsons grandson, Mr Karoll in 2007 and later sold to a private investment company in 2011. Due to plans to renovate and rebuild parts of Capitol Theater on George and Market street, Mick Simmons Sport moved to 249 Pitt Street in 2012. In 2019 Mick Simmons Sport moved to 466 George St.
Today we are operating as Mick Simmons Sport Pty Ltd from well known location in the heart of Sydney, as well as warehouse supplying the online store.
Mick Simmons Sport has come a long way from its origins in tobacco and ammunition but we still serve Australians with the sport equipment they enjoy and are passionate about.
100 year anniversary of first women's Rugby League match promoted by Mick Simmons